Covid-19 has had a drastic financial effect on many Americans.  Are you a Real Estate Investor who purchased property at a tax sale, or are you a property owner whose property was sold at a tax sale because you could not meet the financial burden? If your property was sold at a tax sale, you have a limited time to redeem your property.  If you are an investor, after the property owner’s right to redeem expires, you will have to file suit for the title to the property. Either way, finding a real estate attorney who is aware of all the twists and turns can greatly assist you, as well as handle any issues with the sale of the property.  Our Real Estate attorneys can help.

Given today’s changing economy we are seeing an increasingly turbulent commercial real estate market, leading players to unwind old deals to secure more profitable new ones. Given the complexities of the deals and the parties jockeying for position, disputes are almost inevitable. Seasoned counsel can play an integral role in avoiding disputes and, when disputes arise, effectively and efficiently resolving them both in and out of court. Hill Gilstrap’s Real Estate Litigation Practice Group has the experience with large and small companies, REITs, financial institutions, landowners, and some of the largest real estate investors and developers in the United States. We craft legal strategies that are driven by our clients’ priorities and approach each case with a strong sense of ownership.

In addition to extensive experience in general real estate litigation, our lawyers have been recognized for handling landlord and tenant matters – from big box retailers to REITs – and serve as local, regional and national litigation counsel on a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail, and mixed use disputes in and out of court.

We also handle disputes regarding the acquisition of property, regulatory approval of  development projects, construction of a project, management and leasing of buildings, environmental and regulatory compliance, government eminent domain, foreclosures, restructuring of financial obligations, and the management and operation of business entities focused on real estate investments. We have represented clients in and out of court with respect to disputes surrounding everything from premier office buildings, hotels, condominium, golf courses, and undeveloped land, to specialty projects such as Churches, hospitals, airports, and transportation facilities.

To help clients achieve their objectives without litigation, we provide pre-dispute guidance to anticipate and forestall disputes. If a dispute does ensue, we explore alternatives to lengthy court proceedings, such as pre-suit mediation. We work closely with the parties to resolve the dispute, potentially salvage the relationship, and narrow the issues for potential litigation. When litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, we offer a deep bench of lawyers who routinely appear in state and federal court, before regulatory agencies, and in mediation and arbitration proceedings.