Hill Gilstrap is a recognized leader in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas in representing the financial services industry.  For more than four decades, the Firm has represented and continues to represent U.S. Banks and their subsidiaries, commercial finance companies, debt and equity funds, international banks, and private lenders. The Firm has represented the financial services industry in a wide array of legal disputes and litigation matters in state and federal courts throughout the nation, including: 

    • Defense of Putative Class Action Lawsuits relating to subjects as diverse as equipment leasing, credit insurance, information security, credit cards, and an alleged conspiracy to fix interest rates

    • Defense of Lender Liability Claims

    • Asset Recovery Litigation

    • Negotiable Instrument Actions, such as allegations of forged maker’s signatures, forged or missing endorsements, alterations, conversions, fictitious payees, midnight deadline violations, failure to follow restrictive endorsements, wrongful dishonor, unauthorized preparation, and failure to stop payment

    • Allegations of Improper Banking Procedures such as mishandled wire transfers, unauthorized withdrawals, failure to deliver statements, removals from depository bags and safety deposit boxes, improper crediting of deposits, and improper turnover of funds among many other allegations

    • Defense of Consumer Claims, including under TCPA, TILA, FCRA, HOLA, FDCPA, and ECOA.