In the event you need assistance and advice in connection with creating plans for your property, estate, or remains after you die, or need to plan for the possibility of becoming disabled or incapacitated in your later years, our attorneys can help you with:

  • Preparing and signing a valid and enforceable will in compliance with Texas law
  • Preparing instruments designed to transfer property on death (outside of the will/probate process)
  • Preparing advanced directives including medical powers of attorney, and directives to physicians (and do not resuscitate type forms)
  • Preparing a statutory durable power of attorney
  • Preparing other special or limited forms of power of attorney

Post Death Process

Additionally, in the event you need assistance and advice dealing with post-death matters for family members or friends, our attorneys can assist or refer you to a specialist to help with probate and non-probate administration of estates and trust, identifying assets, paying estate taxes, fulfilling the requirements of a will and/or an executor under the will, claims against an estate, and prosecuting or defending challenges to a will.